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Lazer Frenzy: A New Twist on Lazer Tag in Metairie

Have you ever wanted to weave your way through an intricate web of security lazers like you see in those spy movies? Lazer Frenzy places you in their patent-leather, secret-agent shoes and lets you take a stab at being James Bond.

It’s a new twist on lazer tag (besides the Z, of course). Put your skills and flexibility to the test as you navigate our lazer beam matrix, all while racing against the clock. The object of the game? Maneuver your way through the gauntlet, press the check point button on the opposite side, and return to the start. Remember: Time and accuracy count for everything. Try to complete the course as quickly as you can while knocking out as few beams as possible.

Lazer Frenzy provides an alternative to traditional lazer tag that’s fun for all ages. There are no age or height restrictions to play Lazer Frenzy. Just don’t touch the beams!

Come by today to try your hand at the game that’s played at the speed of light!


Rollerball combines the skill of bowling with the fast-paced fun of an arcade game. With scaled-down lanes and smaller, lighter balls, Rollerball provides fun for all ages. Plus, it costs only 10 credits.

You’ll need a Power Play card to play Lazer Frenzy & Rollerball. Stop in today to load up your card with credits!

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